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Luxurious, elegant curtain tracks for your guests 

Panel curtains, drapes or winter-gardens - Goelst offers the appropriate high-quality system: curtains can be operated electrically, manually or by cord.

Hotel guests will appreciate the luxury of automatic curtain tracks immediately upon entering their room. The cardholder for the hotel room activates the electrical curtain track, alternatively a hotel motion sensor can be used to activate the tracks upon entering. Another advantage of this is that your guests immediately observe that the curtains are operated automatically.

Our multi-track profiles are extremely practical and need to use only one rail profile for a perfect overlap for both drapes and window curtains.

Complete project management

Goelst project management services include….
1. Understanding of customer requirements
2. Advice and technical support
3. On site measuring and surveying
4. Custom/made-to-measure solutions
5. Installation
6. Aftercare maintenance and annual service contracts

Goelst consultants will visit you to provide recommendations on site as to which types of curtain tracks and associated products best fit your requirements. Experienced project managers from Goelst's project department ensure clear communication before, during and after the project. You can also call on Goelst for all your made-to-measure requirements (bending tracks, assembly, etc.) A quotation will be forwarded to you based on your drawings and specifications.

In addition to the standard products in our range, Goelst excel in producing custom made solutions to satisfy the requirements of demanding projects.

  • Assembled tracks with accessories, gliders, end caps, end stops and supporting brackets.
  • Bending curtain tracks to desired size/radius.
  • Delivery of curtain tracks without joins (wherever possible).
  • Custom made to measure and installation solutions

Quality, service and guarantee

  • Purchasing our multi-year service contract guarantees annual system inspection and maintenance. Curtain tracks will continue to open and close smoothly.
  • Five-year guarantee on all Goelst products.
  • In combination with our curtain tracks, Goelst also manufacture all type of window blinds.
  • A quality product within the market.
  • Robust, durable, minimal maintenance.
  • Inter-changeable components.