Privacy curtain tracks

For hospitals, medical centres, beauty-therapy treatment areas and changing rooms

4100 profile cubicle curtain track 4100  cubicle curtain track system 5100 profile cubicle curtain track 5100 cubicle curtain track system Hospital curtain track

Privacy curtain track systems

Privacy curtain track for the healthcare sector and for changing areas

Goelst hospital curtain tracks have been the industry standard in the healthcare sector for many years and is manufactured to HM66 standards. Functional, strong and durable, the track can be both wall and ceiling mounted ensuring a secure, stable installation. Goelst privacy track can be insulated against static electricity in accordance with the NEN-1010 standard.
• 4100: robust privacy track

• 5100: elegant, round privacy track

4100-W Hospital curtain tracks 5100 Hospital curtain tracks

LRS - the solution for releasable privacy tracks

The Load Release System is our solution to the healthcare sector's requirement to incorporate a release mechanism for privacy and window curtain tracks where a potential risk of attempted self-harm exists. This unique, patented product allows the track to be released from its attachment points under momentary loads of approximately 35 kg (depending on configuration). Following release, the tracks can easily be reinstated. The LRS system is designed to be used specifically with Goelst privacy track systems 4100 and 5100.
LRS system brochure

Load & release system - LRS LRS system LRS system