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Wintergarden / Skylight / Roof-light systems providing high-level comfort...

Skylight systems for conservatories and wintergardens

Goelst wintergarden systems create ambience in any conservatory, skylight and other locations with glazed roofs. External light and interior temperature are regulated and in many situations acoustics are also considerably improved.

Goelst systems are electrically operated and can be controlled using remote control or home automation systems. Roof-light systems are often installed at high level, therefore setting and operation using infrared or radio remote control becomes a huge advantage.

• 6500 & 6600: powerful electrically operated systems for glazed roofs, sloping windows and conservatories.
• 6700: powerful electrically operated systems for glazed roofs, horizontal windows and skylights. Suitable for large free-hanging surfaces of up to 100 m.

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