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Types of curtain rail

Handbediende gordijnrails voor meerdere gordijnlagen

Manually operated curtain tracks

Goelst manually operated curtain tracks are available in the following types: narrow channel, wide channel and multi-channel profiles.

From sheers to heavy-weight curtains, Goelst offers a comprehensive range of curtain track systems suitable for most applications. Goelst curtain tracks provide fixing options for most surface finishes provided quick and easy installation. Many profiles can be pre-formed to suit customer requirements. 

Narrow profiles - compact and elegant curtain track

Goelst narrow channel profiles are compact and elegant. Various track types are available for either wall or ceiling mounting.

2100-W curtain track system 2102-W curtain track system 2102-W curtain rail system 2200-W curtain rail system 2400-W curtain rail 2600-W curtain track 2102 curtain rail system 2200 curtain track system 2400 curtain rail 2600 curtain track

• 2100, 2102: Elegant profile with attention to detail featuring the patented support brackets with cover caps designed to conceal fixing screws. Suitable for medium-weight curtains and sheers.
• 2200: for medium-weight curtains and sheers.
• 2300, 2400: compact, elegant track.
• 2600: rounded track for flush ceiling mounting. Particularly suitable for light-weight curtains and sheers

Wide channel profiles - strong, robust curtain tracks

Goelst wide-channel tracks are robust, strong and suitable for heavier applications. Various track types are available for either wall or ceiling mounting.

4100-W Wide curtain track 4200 Wide curtain track 4520 Wide curtain track 4530-W Wide curtain track 4540-W Wide curtain track 4550-W Wide curtain track 4560-W Wide curtain track 4600 Wide curtain track 4700 Wide curtain track 4701 Wide curtain track 4702 Wide curtain track 4703 Wide curtain track 4800 Wide curtain track 4100 4200 4600 4700 4800 4900

• 4100: the strongest and most versatile track system in the Goelst range, profile 4100 is particularly suitable for bending.
• 4200, 5100: the appearance of a classic curtain pole, the performance of a curtain track.
• 4301: very suitable for tight fixing to a wall or windowsill.
• 4400: compact rail with the elegance of a small channel profile and the strength of a wide channel profile. Particularly suited to concealed ceiling fixing.
• 4600: for sheers and light to medium-weight curtains. Secret fixing; can be bent to suit bay windows.
• 4700: profile series for direct ceiling fixing.
• 4800: Sturdy track for medium-weight curtains.
• 4900: can be rebated into timber soffits.

Multi-channel profiles – extended overlap for curtains and sheers

Designed for ease of installation, series 2900 and 4500 offer a range of multi-channel profiles for hanging combinations of sheers and curtains on a single track. Used successfully in the hotel, cruise ship and leisure sectors this profile series is also suitable for contract domestic use. Discreet in appearance – particularly when ceiling fixed – series 2900 is available with pre-formed return bends allowing curtains to drape back to the wall closing the light gap.

2900 Multiple track 2901 Multiple track 2904 Multiple track 2905 Multiple track 2906 Multiple track 4520-W Multiple track 4530-W Multiple track 4540-W Multiple track 4550-W Multiple track 4560-W Multiple track 2900 profiles 2900 2901 2904 2905 2906 4500 profiles 4520

• 2900: discreet multi-channel profile
• 4500: multi-channel track suitable for heavier applications and for fixing through suspended ceiling systems.

Cord-operated curtain track

Goelst cord-operated curtain tracks are available in a number of models and are suitable for most curtain types. Providing smooth and silent curtain movement, Goelst corded tracks can easily be pre-formed to fit into any interior scheme.

• 5100: the look of a classic curtain pole combined with the performance of a cord-operated curtain track.
• 5300: stable system for curtain weights of up to 17 kg
• 5600: stylish track with a detailed solid finish. For medium to heavy-weight curtains. Can be mounted invisibly on to the ceiling. If required, the cord operation side can be retro-changed easily without the need for tools.

5100 Cord-operated curtain rails 5300-W Cord-operated curtain rails 5600-W Cord-operated curtain rails

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