Privacy curtain tracks and Systems for reduced ligature risk.

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Curtain Tracks for Healthcare Environments

Goelst offers a comprehensive range of curtain track systems specifically developed for the healthcare market.

Our cubicle curtain track systems provide the privacy needed. The extensive range of Goelst window track systems can be applied generally and are easily installed. The patented LRS (Load Release System) is our solution to the healthcare’s requirement for both privacy and window curtain tracks to be released under conditions where there is a requirement for reducing ligature risk.

Special products for the healthcare sector:

  • Goelst excels at privacy curtain tracks both product and installation.
  • Shower rails
  • Window rails
  • Picture rails: sustainable building management - walls now stay intact when hanging paintings, picture frames.

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Complete project management

Goelst project management services include….
1.  Understanding of customer requirements
2. Advice and technical support
3. On site measuring and surveying
4. Custom/made-to-measure solutions
5. Installation
6. Aftercare maintenance and annual service contracts

Goelst consultants will visit you to provide recommendations on site as to which types of curtain tracks and associated products best fit your requirements. Experienced project managers from Goelst's project department ensure clear communication before, during and after the project. You can also call on Goelst for all your made-to-measure requirements (bending tracks, assembly, etc.) A quotation will be forwarded to you based on your drawings and specifications. 

In addition to the standard products in our range, Goelst excel in producing custom made solutions to satisfy the requirements of demanding projects.

  • Assembled tracks with accessories, gliders, end caps, end stops and supporting brackets.
  • Bending curtain tracks to desired size/radius.
  • Delivery of curtain tracks without joins (wherever possible).
  • Custom made to measure and installation solutions
Quality, service and guarantee
  • Purchasing our multi-year service contract guarantees annual system inspection and maintenance. Curtain tracks will continue to open and close smoothly.
  • Five-year guarantee on all Goelst products.
  • In combination with our curtain tracks, Goelst also manufacture all type of window blinds.
  • A quality product within the market.
  • Robust, durable, minimal maintenance.
  • Inter-changeable components.

Cubicle Curtain Tracks

Goelst manufacture and install made-to-measure cubicle curtain tracks in accordance with customer requirements to include all necessary accessories. Due to their quality finish, Goelst tracks are suitable for use in wet rooms, they are functional, robust and durable and are supplied with dust-resistant PVC cover strip. Other components associated with privacy tracks include IV drip supports, IV hooks and curtain holdbacks etc. The track can be both wall and ceiling mounted creating a stable, secure installation.

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LRS – Load Release System for Reduced Ligature Risk

The Goelst Load Release System is our solution to the healthcare sector's requirement that cubicle curtain tracks and window tracks should release where certain high risk situations exist. This unique, patented solution allows the track to release from its contact points under momentary loads of approximately 35 kg.

The LRS system was developed specifically for Goelst cubicle curtain tracks. At peak loads of more than 35 kg, the tracks will detach correctly providing they have been installed in accordance with Goelst specifications and by qualified, trained personnel.

Load & release system - LRS LRS system LRS system

LRS gliders can be used in our wide-channel profiles. The gliders pop out of the track whenever the curtain is subjected to sudden or high loads. This helps reduce the risk of ligature while at the same time reducing damage to the curtains/curtain tracks. For safety reasons, flexible plastic hooks should be used.

The LRS system is particularly suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly, mental health facilities and other healthcare institutions.