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ISO-Glider-Cord - for beautiful curtains with a wave effect heading

S-shaped folds in the curtainISO-Glider-Cord creates uniform S-shaped folds in the curtain with wave effect headings by using the continuous cord with secured gliders at either 60 mm or 80 mm pitch.

The gliders are kept equidistant by means of a continuous cord that remains hidden within the profile. This allows your curtain to drape in an S-shaped fold even when the curtain is closed.

Additional advantages of the ISO-Glider-Cord system:
• using standard hooks, curtains can be easily removed from the gliders
• ISO glider-Cord is compatible with Goelst wide channel systems 4000, 5000 & 6000
• ISO Glider-Cord can be used with manual, cord and electrically operated curtain systems.

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