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Luxurious elegant curtain tracks in your home!

If you are considering panel curtains, Roman blinds or traditional drapes, Goelst offers an appropriate system for every type of curtain. Control of the curtains can be manual, cord or electrically operated.

gordijnrails voor thuis

Goelst offers the very best curtain tracks and feature……

  • • Elegant design, luxurious look
  • • Smooth gliders
  • • Custom bending
  • • Room width tracks assembled from a single section without joins
  • • Electrical curtain tracks, can be connected to home automation systems
  • • All RAL colors available upon request
  • • High quality impact resistant aluminium tracks with powder coating

Electric curtain tracks: the comfort of automatic curtains

Goelst electrically operated curtain tracks can be remotely controlled or linked to most home automation systems. Tracks can be programmed to open and close automatically at set times using the integral timer – a useful feature for when the home is left unattended.

ISO-Glider-Cord - for beautiful curtains with a wave effect heading

ISO-Glider-Cord creates uniform S-shaped folds in the curtain with wave effect headings by using the continuous cord with secured gliders at either 60 mm or 80 mm pitch.
The gliders are kept equidistant by means of a continuous cord that remains hidden within the profile. This allows your curtain to drape in an S-shaped fold even when the curtain is closed.


Residential electric skylight system

Residential home in Hansbeke, België

Residential home in Scharwijde, the Netherlands

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