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Goelst plastic components

Plastic components

Real curtain experts know that the true quality of a track system depends on the plastic components from which it is made. The components can make or break a system. We have been producing our plastic components under own management ever since our company was founded. All our glider components, motor housings and support brackets are designed and extensively tested by our R&D department. Always with a keen eye for the functionality and lifespan of our products, we use various types of plastic to obtain optimal results.

The best example of our commitment to the constant quality of our systems is probably the fact that we set up the G-Standard. Because of the lack of formal quality regulations in our sector, the G-Standard has become our guideline for ongoing quality improvement.

This means that we do not simply make curtain tracks and support brackets, but perfectly integrated systems. This is why our tracks only require a few brackets to hang firmly and stably in place. The average spacing between brackets in Goelst systems ranges from 60 to 80cm. This gives a more attractive end result and saves a huge amount of time and money during installation.


The most popular glider in our assortment has to be strong enough to support a substantial curtain weight and yet soft enough to guarantee smooth and silently running curtains. We selected POM for the basic material for this glider, and then added Teflon (PTFE) to achieve the necessary pliability. Doing this will probably raise a few eyebrows among specialists who claim that POM and PTFE cannot be simply mixed together. That’s right. In theory! Nevertheless, we managed to do this and created a real champion glider. The 4010 is in a class of its own.

The standard glider for our narrow channel tracks and does not need to be all that strong. It does, however, have to remain sufficiently flexible. We used a mix of HDPE and PA to achieve this. It works perfectly.


The requirements for a motor housing are fairly clear: it has to be strong and yet flexible. However, the different components have to be designed precisely to fit together. The reason for this is that, during their long lifespan, our motor housings will occasionally have to be taken apart and put back together again. In addition, motor housings just have to look good. POM turned out to be the ideal material for motor housings.

End caps

These small components can also be regularly taken off and put back on again. They have to be flexibly and fit like a glove on the track end. For this reason, our end caps are made from PA. It is not the least expensive choice of materials, but in view of the functionality, it is certainly the best.

Support brackets

Support brackets bear the weight of the track and everything that hangs on them: gliders, motors and curtains. They have to be strong and capable of absorbing and supporting the movement of the entire system in the same way that the skeleton of a building provides stability and flexibility. This is why our support brackets are made from PA.

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