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Electric curtain tracks Goelst

Offering luxury and comfort, Goelst electric curtain tracks can be programmed to simulate occupancy when a property is left unattended. Connection and control by most home automation systems is easily achieved. In addition to standard curtains Goelst electric tracks can also be used to operate panel tracks and wintergarden systems.

Goelst electrical curtain tracks are used widely around the world for residential interiors, stage and theatre, the hotel and leisure industry and in cruise ships and private yachts. Goelst electric curtain track systems are produced made-to-measure and can be installed without the need of an electrician. Attractive options include the Pilot Release System (PRS) that allows manual operation during e.g a loss of power and Curtain Protection System (CPS) that prevents curtain damage as a result of system misuse.

Goelst electrically operated curtain track systems 6200 and 6300 feature powerful 24V motors. System 6200 has the more powerful motor and includes sophisticated software functions such as slow launch and docking speeds, programmable end positions and interval stops. 
• 6200: powerful, quiet-running system with many luxury features, suitable for curtain weights up to 60 kg with a single motor and 100 kg with two motors placed on a single track.
• 6300: strong, powerful motor for curtain weights of up to 40 kg.

Simple to connect and to operate

The integrated Goelst CAN-BUS system enables the connection and operation of multiple electrical curtain track systems operated from a single remote control. In addition to infrared, RF (radio) operation is also possible. Goelst systems can also be linked to home automation or building management systems.

Electric curtain tracks

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    • • Made in Europe
    • • Electrically operated curtain track. One of the leading products in our assortment
    • • Ultra-quiet and can be used in a wide variety of situations – to enhance home comfort, but also in the care sector as an aid for disabled persons and the elderly
    • • The system can also be integrated in most home automation systems
    • • Our smallest motor, 1.0Nm, can be used with track lengths of up to 10 metres and curtain weights up to 40kg
    • • Our most powerful motor, 3.0Nm, can be used with track lengths up to 30 metres and curtain weights up to 180kg
    • • It can be easily mounted in various ways on a wall or ceiling
    • • Unique compact pulley and intermediate pulley. This gives the system a tighter finish.
  2. G-Motion

    • • Designed and built in The Netherlands
    • • G-motion’s modular design offers a great set of added functionalities
    • • Integratable with home automation system, numerous customizable options
    • • Compatible with Goelsts’ top quality curtain tracks and accessories
    • • Competitive pricing and great service!

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